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Our Foundation Club

“To us, the club, from the very start, has been the core of the company, where each member isn’t just purchasing wine but creating the start of what we hope is a lifelong friendship" - Bruce Blackwell

50% off all Wine / $0 Initiation Fee / $0 Cancelation Fee / Simply $0 Fees


We love our friends. We love our wines.  We love sharing our wines with our friends.

In fact, our very first vintage, over fifty percent was shared with our friends and family.

No, not exactly smart business practice, but plenty of fun and essentially the start of what has become the most important part of our business today.

We created the Foundation Club for many reasons, however at the end of the day it was all about getting to know our customers, allowing our customers the benefits of a club and being able to spend time with the team at Bruno & George and be part of some filled with passion, tradition and fun.

A traditional club means a discount and a box of wine once a quarter at your door.  Always a nice surprise; however, we wanted to create something so much more.

We wanted to develop fun, exciting and genuine friendships with every member. We want private dinners, hands-on experiences in the Barossa, and open communication throughout the year.

Our Club, although fast-growing, is so small, it’s special. We have been so fortunate to attract incredible people from all over Australia, for which we are so thankful. 

We truly believe we have the best job in the world, producing hand-made wines, in the region we love and sharing them with members who are actually great friends. Lifelong ones at that.


Foundation Club

The Bruno & George Foundation Club offers a range of wine packages, varied dispatch periods for complete control and customisation for the member. You also also have the ability to purchase multiple packages, swap them around or gift them to friends and family.

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Choose a package

Select a package for yourself or someone special. We’ve carefully created several wine packages for you to choose from which you can modify whenever you feel the need for a change.  The Foundation Club gives you a fantastic opportunity to slowly grow your own private cellar or simply have the wines you love arrive at the most appropriate times over the year.

Payment & Delivery

In two words, easy and simple!  Once you have chosen the package that works for you, we will handle the rest.  You will also have a choice of the amount of wines you want delivered as well as the time period between shipments. We will be in touch prior to the payment, so any last minute changes can be made.

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Receive your Wines 

You're all set! Wines will be sent out to you at each period directly to your door along with tracking information to make sure you know when to expect your wines.  Our packages are continually being hand curated to make sure you have the best of what we do here in the Barossa.  Remember, once you are a member you have the same rates for life in the wine store for additional purchases over the year.

Member Benefits

50% off all Wine / $0 Initiation Fee / $0 Cancelation Fee / Simply $0 Fees

The Foundation Club was created so we could truly get to know the people enjoying our wines and we made sure that there are no extra fees. You only pay for the wine that is delivered directly to your door. 

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Wine & Friends are a great blend.
– Ernest Hemingway

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