Member Visits

- Doing things a little differently -

Bruno & George has always been about its Members. Sharing in person the passion we have for producing hand made wines here in the Barossa was always a very important factor. So rather than the traditional Cellar Door experience, we wanted to share with members a little more, more in regards to how the locals do it, to welcome members as friends rather than customers.


Louise Farrell & Brendan Barrett - NSW

Our love affair with the Bruno & George rose started when we stumbled across it on a 40 degree Adelaide day in 2016. Jason at Cos 19 Leigh St Restaurant saw we were struggling in the heat and revived us with a glass of Nebbiolo rose with the most beautiful blush we had ever seen. I soon started stalking Bruce on Facebook to see where I could get some of this delicious, instantly favourite rose. After many emails back and forth to convince Brendan that Bruce did exist and was a winemaker and was not some elaborate scam or some random man on Facebook, we placed an order for a case of the good stuff. We have enjoyed many wine deliveries since and even hosted Bruce for a wine tasting evening at our place in Sydney. The highlight of our B&G relationship was our trip to the Barossa where we finally met Bruce, Josh and Christian. Bruce and Christian arrived to pick us up at the Novotel and we were relieved to see they were as worse for wear as we were after Australia Day celebrations. They took us on a VIP experience of the Barossa including a visit to Rockford Wines and St Halletts where we experienced wonderful hospitality and Barossa charm, it was clear that Bruce, Josh & Christian know all the locals in the Barossa. The evening only got better when we went for a ride in the classic Landy up to the top of a hill overlooking the Barossa for a sunset picnic of B&G wines and local produce. What a great opportunity to have a local’s experience and casually chat about winemaking and the story behind B&G. You do not get a better stargazing moment than away from the city lights drinking wine in the Barossa We can’t wait to get back down there and do it all again and meet some of the other members.

Favourite Wine:"Montepulciano" Brendan loves the Monte so much that one night he drank 6 bottles of it and choreographed a rather impressive routine to David Bowie's "Rocket Man".


James Stewart & Eleanor Price - QLD

"Since being part of the Bruno and George journey as a founding member, including tasting events in Brisbane and London, Eleanor and I were finally able to visit Bruce and the boys in the Barossa in February 2020. We spent a day in Bruno and George country visiting and enjoying private testings with neighbouring labels St Hallets and Rockford, whilst also being spoiled with the full selection of Bruno and George wines on top of a hill for a scenic (boozy) picnic overlooking the Barossa Valley, accompanied with food from the region. All of this was enjoyed while being driven around in the original vineyard Land Rover! An amazing experience, and one we couldn't recommend more". 

Favourite Wine: "Drainings Shiraz - Where do I start? An absolutely top drawer shiraz, encapsulating the big notes you'd expect from the region. Silky smooth. Special mention to the Grenache, which is our go-to wine for all occasions"


Peter Jordan - QLD

“When I arrived in the Barossa, Bruce picked me up in 1969 Landrover which was an experience in of itself! Having been a member since the beginning and long term friend of Bruce and the boys of B&G (Digger and Josh) I knew I was in for one incredible adventure. I knew from the outset that there are two ways you can do the Barossa, one is the DIY option, where you visit a few places you’ve read about, maybe go on a few guided tours etc and the second way, do it with The Bruno & George boys option, there was no need to even consider the first option. Bruce is a second-generation Barossa boy and knows the people and the places to visit, making the whole experience unique and so much fun. The entire time I was there I got to discover some of the most incredible wines, stories and hear first hand from the people behind the scenes making it a truly memorable experience. It was an absolutely one of a kind experience, with the best crew in town and I can not wait to go back ASAP!

Favourite Wine: Currently my favourite wine is still the drainings Shiraz (it tastes like silky velvet goodness in your mouth) followed very closely by the Monte.