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In-House Wine Tastings


Louise Farrel & Brendan Barret - QLD

One of our highlights in being B&G members is when we had the opportunity to host Bruce at our home in Sydney with four of our close wine-loving friends. We themed the evening ‘Great Gatsby’ and Bruce brought up a selection of B&G wines for the group to taste and a surprise vintage port for us to experience. Everyone was impressed with Bruce’s knowledge and hospitality and even more so B&G’s wine and were quick to place orders and become members. Of course, any meeting with Bruce isn’t complete without a boogie on the dancefloor which we did at the local pub until 4 am. In the departure to get taxis to the pub, there was a frantic grab for purses, wallets and house keys and it was not until the next day that I discovered Bruce had taken my house keys! I can only assume he was impressed with my wine stocks and wanted to come and steal some!