Art Vino Vinyl

Art, Vino & Vinyl… Exactly how it sounds

ART: Live art from 6pm with ERLOS and colour goddess, Nicky Create

VINO: Beverages at your fingertips from Lindsay Wine Estate, Bruno & George Wines, Pirate Life and The People v Coffee
VINYL: Crackle & Pop Records supplying LP’s for days for your purchasing needs while DJ, The Captain is on the decks for your hearing pleasure
EATS: Sooki La La and CAROclub from 6pm
If you’re looking for something a little different, a little left of centre, then we have a gig for you.
Grab a bottle of Barossa’s finest or a beer by SA’s very own, watch the magic unfold by local artists as the sun goes down and the tunes get a little louder.
A perfect warm up for the summer ahead…

CALL +61 439 490 532