Bruno & George


The Bruno & George Story

Although the label suggests only two, three best mates stand behind Bruno and George. Bruce, Christian and Josh.


Growing up in the Barossa, grapes and wine were a part of everyday life.  Running amok amongst some of the world’s oldest vines and ‘appropriating’ some truly world class wines from our parents’ cellars.  Drinking those same wines around a camp fire while feasting on fresh caught yabbies.

As soon as school was finished, our work began in earnest, University would have to wait.  Vintages in the Barossa were followed by vintages in New Zealand, then the US and Europe.  Our twenties were spent living out of a busted backpack, following vintages and barely seeing a winter.  Lugging hoses and managing ferments in far flung corners of the world, we were seldom in the same country, though our paths would often cross for a vintage in Australia, or occasionally a season together in a foreign land. 

Together we have amassed over 65 vintages across most continents and many countries, bottling up our knowledge and bringing it back to the place we love, our home, the Barossa.

There was a long-standing hand-shake agreement since 1998 that we’d regroup one day to make the best wine we could.

We created Bruno and George with three simple yet unwavering rules:

  • Don’t compromise on quality
  • Create a true value-to-customer club second to none
  • Never lose sight of the big picture, to have fun!

Our first vintage as Bruno and George was in 2013 with just two barrels of classic old vine Grenache.  Each year we learn and grow, inspired by our travels, our family’s history in wine, driving each other to do better and making the most of our beloved Barossa.

The Bruno & George Team

Three mates, a hand shake in 1998, one hundred countries, over 65 vintages across the world and a mutual passion for the Barossa Valley.


Bruce Blackwell

Like the old man at St Hallett Wines, for Bruce, it’s always been wine & travel.  From a very early age, Bruce’s favorite was always Shiraz, growing up at St. Hallett Wines keenly watching the ferments bubble that his father Stuart Blackwell was making.
As soon as Bruce was of age, he moved into the wine arena taking part in some 10 vintages across the globe including the US, Europe and Asia Pacific increasing his love for world wine culture.   
In 2005 Bruce started university and completed two degrees in Marketing/Management & International Politics taking 1/4 of this in Spanish at Universidad de Catolica in Santiago, Chile to maintain his love for travel. 

From 2009 Bruce found himself again abroad in the UK consulting for several companies as a marketing manager. 
Now with a long established and passionate interest in Sales, Marketing, International Business and naturally wine.  His focus has been to apply his global wine knowledge with his Barossa upbringing to create & share great wines from the Barossa Valley.

Bruce - Our Story

Bruce is the type of guy that you can have great adventures with, as long as you're prepared to come out the other side battered and broken. The perfect person to enter into a business venture with? – Christian Roediger 


Whilst joining the partnership slightly after a name was agreed upon, Christian promptly claimed the Ampersand. In doing so he also claimed to be “the conjunction that holds everything together.” We continue to let him believe this - Josh Norman


Christian Roediger

The Roediger Family has been a continuous presence in the region since the time of the early German settlers.  The first Roediger’s arrived in Australia in the 1840s (coincidently roughly the age of some of our Grenache vines) and Christian’s great grandfather, Pastor Carl Augusta Julius Roediger established one of the first Independent Lutheran churches in South Australia in 1863.  Since then, the Roediger’s have resided in their family property (Riverside) in Buchsfelde. During this time, the family has put their hand to all manner of agricultural enterprise, including the production of sheep, fodder, grain, poultry, fruit and wine from homestead vineyards.

Collectively, the Roediger’s have worked and lived in South Australia for over 150 years, and form major part of the history of the region.  In 2013 the first vines (Shiraz and Mataro) were planted at Riverside in over 100 years. Christian has enjoyed over 15 years in the wine industry, spanning several countries. Now with his two best mates, they are venturing out to make their mark on the wine industry. Producing the finest wine they can muster.


Josh Norman

As a sixth generation Winemaker, Josh has been around wineries as long as he can remember. It was from a very early age Josh decided that making wine was going to play a big part in his life, be it professionally or in the back shed making a homebrew. 
After finishing school in 1998, Josh worked at numerous different wineries in many roles both in the cellar and vineyard. As of the 2019 Australian harvest he has been involved in twenty-five vintages across three countries and multiple regions. For a large portion of the previous decade he travelled back and forth between the Barossa Valley and Spain, learning and gaining as much winemaking experience as possible. On top of his Bruno & George Winemaking responsibilities he is also the assistant winemaker to his Father at Gatt Wines in the Barossa Valley.

Josh has a very simple philosophy on winemaking. Great wines come from Great vineyards and it is the Winemaker's role to allow the vineyard to evolve into the wine that it should become. Through Bruno & George, Josh is trying to make wines that stay true to their variety or blend and exhibit complexity, elegance and concentration.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Josh was a genius. Both Christian and I believed this until one day he was asked this trivia question “what’s considered a genius level IQ” where Josh suggest around 60.  Perhaps he’s just a genius when it comes to hand crafting wines - Bruce Blackwell 

Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may whet my mind and say something clever.
– Aristophanes

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